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Hola Hostel

Hola Hostel is part of the category of lodging establishments known as hostel or hostel. The most important feature is that your planning is done so that people are in the common places, like the living room and the living and rest rooms. A hostel is especially a meeting place and is ideal for meeting people. The atmosphere is very pleasant and fun where you can enjoy a good time.


The hostels are able to offer economical prices and, above all, offer a friendly atmosphere where communication and camaraderie among the guests are protagonists.


Hola Hostel offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with spacious living room and kitchen as well as comfortable accommodation with individual lockers. The Hostel is located near the University City and also offers bicycles for those who want to get around the city, an economical, practical and environmentally friendly way.

Lua Casal


A suite with a comfortable double bed and ample space with key. Exclusive, spacious and well decorated bathroom. Beds: 1 Double

Vênus Duplo


Simple collective room with private bathroom inside the room, individual closets and a Beds: 2 Single

Check Out


Shopping Butantã:
Shopping Butantã is an important commercial center in the neighborhood and houses 225 stores, of which 4 are anchors: Carrefour Hypermarket, Lojas Americanas, Precólândia and Ponto Frio. It has its own parking, 3 great movie theaters and a food court with several options of fast foods, cafes, restaurants and gift shops that, in total, hold 450 people. Opened on May 3, 1994, it is Carrefour Group's first mall and seeks to offer quality products, services and leisure for customers and neighborhood residents.
USP (University of São Paulo):
USP is the largest public university in Brazil and the second largest in Latin America. It is linked to the Secretariat of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo and offers 229 undergraduate courses, some being the most disputed and prestigious in the country. The university has campis in the cities of Bauru, Ribeirão Preto, São Carlos, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Lorena and São Paulo.


Hola Hostel offers everything for your comfort and well-being in your stay as common areas for socializing with other guests, Free Wifi, Television in the collective room, breakfast. Also, in times of celebration, count on parties full of joy, friendships, food and drink. For those who want to stroll around the city, the hostel offers great tips of places.